Monday, July 2, 2007

Ume Punk Vans

Over a few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of plain black slip-on Vans at the mall. I originally wanted the skull print ones, but they only had sizes 7.5 and 10 in womens. So I got some red Jacquard Neopaque textile paint and painted this design on mah shoes:

80s kanzashi

Something different than what I normally make:

And it felt like it took me forever to complete, but I love the results! the black silk was hand-dyed and hand-painted with neon streaks of orange, green, yellow and blue. Stamens have been colored likewise. The contrasting petals are white, and the leaves behind are also painted in neon colors. a string of vibrant paper stars are looped onto mizuhiki cord, and I've also added bira-bira underneath. mounted on the standard two-pronged hairfork. Bloom itself measures 3.25" and the kanzashi measures 7.25" long.

Available at my Etsy shop

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ice Flare Kanzashi

The majority of you who have answered my poll prefer all-season kanzashi, so I've been working on new designs. This is one that I've made last night.

It measures 7.25" long and the bloom, itself measures 3" wide.

It's available at my Etsy shop. =)

Kanzashi Update

I've been on a kanzashi-making streak as of late. Two are for the shop, the other two are for a regular client of mine.

In order: Maiko Momiji Kanzashi, Maiko Chrysanthemum Kanzashi, Pussy Willow Kanzashi (for my client) and Devil's Club Kanzashi (also for my client). The real leaf on the last measures about 6" wide, and is typically accompanied by a single cluster of red berries that form into sort of a spear-tip shape. The kanzashi itself is about 3.5" wide.

*~Travel With Me~* Fukuro Obi

Here is a new fukuro obi I recently completed about two weeks ago. I didn't have time to show it until now, due to finals, so here it is!

I purchased the material late in '05. It's a synthetic fabric imported from France that has a fancy collage design of script writing, illuminated manuscript art, stylized numbers and gradated colors against an off-white background. I've been meaning to make this fabric into an obi, so I did; I still have some extra left over to make one for myself, plus a hanhaba obi.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Monthly Giveaway!

At the end of every month, I will be drawing two names, using Each winner will receive their choice of one photographic print from my shop. Choose from either of the following:

-4x6" print (from any 8x12" photo)
-5x5" print (from any 8x8" photo)
-5x7" print (from any 8x10" photo)

Simply enter your name and email address in the top left-hand field. Re-entry is NOT required. Winners will be notified via email for their choice of print and mailing info.

(Your personal information will never be shared with anyone ever. Ever)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007