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BurdaStyle 118A Cowl Dress Review

Pattern: BurdaStyle 118A Cowl Dress. From the Modern Minimalist Collection

After a recent closet purge of clothing I can no longer wear/haven't worn in over a year, I found my wardrobe surprisingly...bare. Which is great since it gives me an excuse to make moar cute clothes!

I used black cotton poplin fabric and a 22" invisible zipper that I purchased from Jo-Anns while they were on sale. I've also made a few minor alterations to the dress pattern - namely scooping the back a bit lower and folding/stitching the cowl part flat to imitate the blouse version from the same collection. I've also added slits to the side seams for ease of movement and to make said dress slightly daring. No errors/flaws were found in the pattern pieces.

The dress fit like a glove upon trying it on and felt absolutely comfortable throughout the entire day. My only complaint was the fabric itself, as it had the tendency to attract lint and pieces of thread like a mofo, but it's nothing that a lint roller can't handle.

I should note that if you purchase patterns from BurdaStyle, you MUST add the seam allowances yourself when re-tracing your size onto tracing paper, as they do not include them in the PDF printouts (unless they specify otherwise).

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365 Challenge: Day 44 (Probably NSFW)

Nekkid Andril (Pencil, Photoshop).
A little something for the ladiiieees (and some gents). I've been practicing with anatomy while attempting to achieve a more consistent look with my Dunmer character, Andril. I like to imagine the haughty nobleman with an ecto-mesomorph physique - a swimmer's build, essentially. 

Although his wealth lets him mainline foie gras and sweets like there's no tomorrow can afford him much decadence with the finest food and drinks, his job requires constant trekking to other provinces of Tamriel. And helping his guards fight off the occasional group of meddling bandits also help keep him in shape.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

365 Challenge: Day 43

Evening Gown Design, Back View (Pencil).
Lately, I've been drooling over vintage evening gown designs and have been scouring for related sewing patterns online. Unfortunately, most of the ones I want are way out of my price range, and I tend to miss out on local estate sales. The above was a design I came up with as a result. Hopefully, if given the time and motivation, I may draft and sew up this gown. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it afterward, seeing as I'd have nowhere to wear it to.

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365 Challenge: Day 39

"FOCK YEH!" (Pencil).
A quick sketch featuring Adril, the Dunmer OC of a friend of mine. This brusque, paunchy hunter's voice and accent are supposedly based loosely off of actor Nick Frost if Mr. Frost also had a hint of an Australian accent mixed in there...Kinda looks like him too, now that I think of it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

365 Challenge: Day 38

Guar Pizza (Pencil).
I don't exactly recall what inspired me to draw this, but I do know that whiskey was involved. Whatever, the idea of a stoned, acne-ridden Dunmer teen working for a guar-themed pizzeria made me giggle.


Since then, my friends and I have been imitating the expression of the guar illustration on the pizza box, as well as imitating the cracking voice of said pimply delivery guy.

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365 Challenge: Day 36

I apologize for the large gap of days where the illustration entries were supposed to go. I've loaned my laptop to a friend of mine while he's getting his fixed. I've been keeping up plenty with the challenge well enough, but I do have a bunch of drawings that will need to be scanned.

In the mean time, I've been creating a few traditional Japanese patterns that will soon be available to purchase in fabric/wrapping paper/wallpaper form on Spoonflower. Already ordered test swatches and keeping my fingers crossed that they'll turn out lovely.

Here's one today, the other finished one will be posted tomorrow:

Yabane, in mint green (Illustrator, Photoshop).

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