Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Squeem Update

I got the size small of the Squeem high-back waist cincher and gave the other small standard one to a friend of mine because the latter gave me an unsightly muffin top :( On the bright side, I've moved down to the smaller row on mine. Just a few weeks ago, I was struggling to fit into the largest notch before my trip to SoCal. Now I can fit into more of my smaller clothes, like my pinstriped bermuda shorts. Before, I couldn't even get near to getting the buttons closed, and now they fit fine! Awesome.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


RT from the Salvador Dali Society fan page on Facebook:

Destino began in 1946 as a collaboration between Disney and Dali. A first-hand example of Disney’s interest in avant garde and experimental work in animation. In 2003, it was rediscovered by Walt’s nephew, Roy E. Disney,who took on the challenge of bringing the creation of these two great artists to fruition.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Favorites

Erf, sorry about the lack of the Friday Faves these past couple of weeks. I've been out in SoCal for my friend's wedding, and there was a lack of reliable internet.


Every Friday, I will feature ten fabulous items from various crafty Etsy sellers on my blog. That's pretty much it!

(Items are in no particular order)

CHINCHILLA CAVALRY Fantasy Art Bookmark by Rob Carlos by ColorsmithArt <--Faeries and chinchillas? EPIC WIN!!! :D

Doily Clock by and further more

Navy Blue Silk Batik Fabric by haannh

The Ballerina by DLSONSArt

dramatic bustle dress with train - unique piece - size small by ParaNoire

3 pc Tiara Minerals Beautiful Blends BERRYWINE 1g each Bare Eye Shadow Eyeliners with Sifters and FREE SHIPPING by ColorfulDesigns

Set of TWO-Elegant Gold Pillow Case with Golden BO Tree Design by ArtPerspective

Giant Lotus Blossom - Vinyl Wall Decal - Your Choice of Color by Dali Decals

Orange Mango Evil Eye Pendant with Black Stripes by
FloweredSky Jewelry

Bluebow - Haute Harvest Collection by Pamela Weinstock