Sunday, October 21, 2012

Boalsburg Day Trip and Movie Night

NOTE: Sorry if my writing below seems all wonky. I was still dizzy from the spray paint fumes at the time (was working on my Morokei dragon priest mask). 

Yesterday, I popped over to the quaint, little Victorian village of Boalsburg for their Fall Colors Open House to check out the local businesses, bad weather be damned. Unfortunately, I only had less than an hour to browse, due to spending an earlier chunk of the afternoon packing orders and had a scheduled movie date with a friend later in the evening. I've also realized that I forgot to charge my camera battery, so only a few shots were taken at the time (sorry, everyone).

Summer House...I'm assuming this a B&B?

Riley on Main
I'm kinda kicking myself for not checking out the above boutique sooner - I was totally drooling over all the cute accessories and vintage furniture. The accessories were very reasonably priced and I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back to pick up a pair of cute armwarmers. The gorgeous furniture, on the other hand, were waaaay out of my price range. *sadpanda* Oh well, a Pokey can dream.

Adjacent to Riley's was Duffy's Tavern. I've never been inside yet, but I will make some time to stop by there for a pint, come hell or high water.

Duffy's Tavern.

Boalsburg Chocolate Co.
A little further down the street, I was like, "ERMAHGERD, CHERCLET!" and made a bee-line toward the little shop (pictured above), which was offering tastings of wine and chocolate pairings. Seeing that the tasting area was kind of packed, I've stuck to just browsing the display case of wonderful, delectable confectioneries. Couple minutes later, I strode out the door with a white box of newly purchased orange cream-filled and coconut cream-filled morsels (half-dozen each).

Luckily, it only started raining while I was driving back home to pick up Connor. Right before we left for the movie, we each helped ourselves to a few pieces of the tastiness....they were pleasing to our palates - not overbearingly sweet, which is a mistake that a lot of chocolatiers tend to make. The dark chocolate shells were smooth without being too soft; just the right bit of thickness in that it did not require us to gnaw our way to get to the gooey center like you'd expect with mass-manufactured variants (I'm lookin' at you, See's Candies). The fillings were velvety, rich with flavor from start to finish and did not gum up our teeth, which was also an added bonus.

Delicious chocolates aside, Connor and I went and saw the new movie Sinister. As an avid horror fan who's difficult to scare, I have to say that I did not leave the theater disappointed. Without mentioning any spoilers of course, it had its genuinely creepy moments and I loved how they stuck with subtleties throughout much of the film. The distorted soundtrack paired with certain scenes also added a nice touch. I would say the ending could be improved some, but that's my only complaint. I highly recommend that you guys watch this film. Better yet, wait a few weeks and watch it when you're completely alone in the theater. >:D

Upon arriving home from the movie theater, I set forth on spray painting my Morokei dragon priest mask in its distinctive deep shade of blue with a slight metallic sheen. I bought the can of spray paint (I don't even remember the brand) at Ollies for only 60's times like this where I wished that I drove the extra six miles to Home Depot and bought a can of Krylon instead. Despite working in a well-ventilated area and wearing a respirator, the fumes from that discount shit were uber powerful. Spent much of the night with the windows open to air out the stench. EDIT: I'm just gonna use acrylic paint this time, since it'd be a pain in the bum to get all the nooks-n-crannies. 

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