Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013


...of an oni mask for my newest t-shirt design. I may also make an art print version depending on the results. 

I do sincerely apologize for the lack of new illustrations/designs this year. I've been experiencing periods of "burnout" where I'd either start a bunch of projects but then lose the motivation to finish them or simply not touch my list of concepts at all. And whenever I get the gumption to pick up on my new designs, other non-related business and general life issues get tossed in my way. But come this year's holiday season, I'll try my best to put out at least a couple of new designs, dammit!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh yeah...

I was on a Digimon kick not too long ago and was recently listing to this on my favorites list on Youtube. Angemon and Angewomon are my absolute faves. Deal with it.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY Swimsuit Round-Up

It's already a few weeks into summer...not to mention it's the hottest month of the entire year. You're ready to hit the beach and wanna look your smexiest but can't find the perfect swimwear just about every store you've searched through. Or maybe you have found the perfect one but the price tag made your jaw in my case.

I was initially inspired to write this post when I was rummaging through my fabric stash and unearthed a bunch of perfectly good tricot fabric, in asphalt grey and sunny yellow (separate colors). I figured, "hey, these'll make really cute swimsuits!" which ultimately lead to my online quest for the perfect sewing patterns. Below is a round-up of several trendy styles you can make at home.

Vintage-Style Bombshell swimsuit PDF Pattern by Closet Case Files

"Alison" Vintage 50s Maillot by BurdaStyle

Gah, I want this crop top/hip-hugger set! Too bad I can't knit.
Vintage Knitting Pattern 1970s Hip Hugger Bikini/Crop Top Play Suit (PDF Format) by 2nd Look Vintage
tankini bandeau ruched
The 3-in-1 DIY Swimsuit Sewing Tutorial by Cotton + Curls
FREE Swimsuit Patterns in Three Different Styles (PDF Format) by Ralph Pink

Below is a quick and easy tutorial that revives the saggy bikini bottom that's been sitting in your dresser for a few summers...Y'know, the one you're too embarrassed to wear 'cuz it makes you look like you have a saggy diaper that leaks? I've been there before!
The Pucker Bottom Tutorial by Bits, Bites, and Mishmash
FREE Ruched Halter Bikini With Instructions by Sew Mama Sew

Vintage-Style High-Waist Bikini Bottom With PDF Pattern by HollyMann

If you're not skilled with the sewing machine, you can always take any existing swimsuit and make it fabulous with dye, paint, fabric markers, and various embellishments. Below are a few tutorials to get you started:

Solid color dyeing tutorial (I recommend using Jacquard's iDye Poly)
Ombre dip-dyeing tutorial 
Ruffles Tutorial
Fabric stamping tutorial

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My reaction earlier this morning upon discovering that my abs are beginning to show, even if it's just the faintest trace of the upper abs. The strength training has been paying off well so far. Body fat went down roughly 2% since I got down-'n'-dirty into strength training a few months ago, currently putting me at about 19.4%. I've been doing TDEE - 10-15% for my daily calorie intake for a goal BF aimed at 15-17%.

My diet is roughly 75-80% healthy, 20-25% junk food. I've attempted the total clean eating during Lent, but all it made me was pissy and miserable. Not trying to knock those who can stick to the clean eating habit. More power to them. But I, however, will never give up my pizza, burgers, and ice cream. NEVER.

Monday, July 1, 2013