Monday, July 2, 2007

Ume Punk Vans

Over a few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of plain black slip-on Vans at the mall. I originally wanted the skull print ones, but they only had sizes 7.5 and 10 in womens. So I got some red Jacquard Neopaque textile paint and painted this design on mah shoes:

80s kanzashi

Something different than what I normally make:

And it felt like it took me forever to complete, but I love the results! the black silk was hand-dyed and hand-painted with neon streaks of orange, green, yellow and blue. Stamens have been colored likewise. The contrasting petals are white, and the leaves behind are also painted in neon colors. a string of vibrant paper stars are looped onto mizuhiki cord, and I've also added bira-bira underneath. mounted on the standard two-pronged hairfork. Bloom itself measures 3.25" and the kanzashi measures 7.25" long.

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