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Canvas prints!

A few friends of mine suggested that I turn my "Oiran" illustration into canvas prints. And so I did. :)

Oiran 18x24 Canvas Wrap Print
"Oiran" 18x24" Canvas Wrap Print

 I'll Have a Pint 12x16 Canvas Wrap Print
"I'll Have a Pint" 12x16" Canvas Wrap Print

I didn't have much of a selection of acrylic paints, so I took what I had and simply mixed up a couple batches of the desired shades, hence the slight variations in color. Both turned out rather nicely, and would go great with a fair variety of interior decor styles. Also, notice that Seamus McChirpin is now available in wrapped canvas form as well. Hopefully this shall be a regular thing. I gladly welcome custom orders.

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Summer Slump

Impending - 8x8 Metallic Fine Art Photo by bomobob

It's the height of summer - the time when everybody's out vacationing and generally spending more time outdoors. And when many of you aren't parking your butts in front of your monitors, that equals slow sales for online businesses. Craft/art shows are out of the question for now since I lack experience in selling at such, as well as being unable to afford the set-up costs. So what to do during a slow period?

-For myself, I've been screen printing, illustrating and kanzashi-ing until my limbs wither and fall off.
-I've been attempting to stock back up on supplies so I won't be left short-handed when the fall rush happens.
-I also need to get started on Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas-themed items.
-Catching up on my house projects (painting, organizing and unpacking) is definitely a must.

I've also recently took advantage of the slow period to give my dog, Marduk a bath - wasn't so successful with that one...He was rather displeased.

So what do you typically do during the summer slump?

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Halo-Halo Recipe

Pronounced "Hah-lo hah-lo," this is a favorite traditional dessert among Filipinos and is definitely a childhood favorite of mine! Great for the summer, this treat primarily consists of shaved ice, condensed or evaporated milk, sweet corn and an assortment of fruits. It may seem like an odd combination of ingredients for some, but it doesn't hurt to try! :)

EDIT: *Stares at the picture* ...Dammit, now I want some halo-halo! Must acquire ingredients and an ice shaver...

This recipe serves 3-4 people.


-2 cups of shaved ice
-2 cups of eight condensed or evaporated milk
-2 ripe mangos
-1 c. ripe jackfruit
-1/2 c. sweet corn
-1 c. young shredded or diced coconut
-1 c. cooked ube (purple yam paste)
-1/2 c. boiled red mung beans or kidney beans (I tend to use kidney beans)

Optional ingredients: Garbanzos, plantains, sago/tapioca pearls, sugar palm, gelatin, or ice cream


-Dice fruit into 1/2" cubes, toss seeds.
-In four (preferably pre-chilled) glasses, add sweet corn and diced coconut (as well as any desired optional ingredients)
-Add shaved ice and pour in the milk
-Top with diced mangos, jackfruit, beans and ube (add a scoop of ice cream on top, if desired)
-Enjoy with friends/family or wolf it all down yourself! :P


Halayang Ube recipe:

-1 ube yam root
-1 14 oz. can of evaporated milk
-2 12 oz. cans of condensed milk
-2 tbsp. butter or margerine
-Optional: 1 tsp vanilla

-Boil unreeled yam in pot of water until soft. Drain and let cool.
-Peel skin off yam and in a mixing bowl, mash it until it reaches the consistency of mashed potatoes.
-In a large wok, met butter and add condensed milk and optional vanilla on medium heat and stir.
-Adjust stove to low heat, add the mashed yam and mix well. Mix occasionally for about 30 minutes until it reaches a sticky consistency.
-Add the evaporated milk and continue to mix for another 15 minutes.
-Set aside to cool, and refrigerate before serving.

-You can add a sprinkling of sugar if desired, but I personally serve it the way it is. :)

(Photo by bingbing)

Contempo Weddings Feature

Staci Egan of Contempo Weddings and Contempo Jewelry Designs was kind enough to feature some of my kanzashi hair accessories on her lovely blog. :) She also features some great wedding gift ideas and accessories from other talented sellers. Check 'em out!

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New Hairstyle!

After roughly nine months of not seeing a salon, I finally found some time to pay a visit to one. I Found a lovely little place downtown called Viva Bella Salon. I was badly in need of a trimming and dyework (for a 25 year-old, I have LOTS of gray hair!) and had to get it done before the onslaught of the Central PA Arts, I had an interview coming up. Can't look shabby for that, ne?

Luckily, the salon had an opening that day and I was scheduled with a nice gal named Debbie. This time around, I decided on a blue-black overlay with red underlayers. Because I primarily stick with black dyes, said underlayers had to be bleached for the red to show evenly. After the trimming and styling, my hair was all shiny and full of life once more. She did an exceptional job with my hair and was quick about it, too. My only complaint was that the red could've been more bold, but in her defense, I was in a hurry. I had my car parked at a meter (the garages were full) and it had a two-hour time limit. No matter, I can re-dye the red part myself.

Now for pics!

Sorry, I don't have any makeup on. u.u;;

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Wedding Flowers

 Bed of Roses - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph
"Bed of Roses" - 8x10" Fine Art Photograph by Jennifer Squires Productions

Just a thought...I've realized that over the years my main shop has been gradually taking a turn for the bridal route. More and more of my clients are brides-to-be, so I've been considering on offering some handmade/custom bouquets in my shop. Plus, I've noticed that more brides nowadays have been going faux with flowers as either a more economical alternative, or for practicality (i.e.: destination weddings). It also allows the new bride to avoid preservation costs because these flowers never wilt! :) I know for sure that I'll definitely be using fake flowers for my ceremony!

A friend of mine suggested that I should maybe start off with one or two pre-made bouquets, so I'll probably make something simplistic, like all white roses or plumeria. Said flowers would either be made of silk or a realistic-feel material (which may contain latex, as a note of caution for those allergic to such). No flowers will be derived from big-box chain stores - only ones of the highest quality! I've also been wanting to create a beachy-themed bouquet. Sooo, I might do that...What do you think?