Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Slump

Impending - 8x8 Metallic Fine Art Photo by bomobob

It's the height of summer - the time when everybody's out vacationing and generally spending more time outdoors. And when many of you aren't parking your butts in front of your monitors, that equals slow sales for online businesses. Craft/art shows are out of the question for now since I lack experience in selling at such, as well as being unable to afford the set-up costs. So what to do during a slow period?

-For myself, I've been screen printing, illustrating and kanzashi-ing until my limbs wither and fall off.
-I've been attempting to stock back up on supplies so I won't be left short-handed when the fall rush happens.
-I also need to get started on Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas-themed items.
-Catching up on my house projects (painting, organizing and unpacking) is definitely a must.

I've also recently took advantage of the slow period to give my dog, Marduk a bath - wasn't so successful with that one...He was rather displeased.

So what do you typically do during the summer slump?