Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canvas prints!

A few friends of mine suggested that I turn my "Oiran" illustration into canvas prints. And so I did. :)

Oiran 18x24 Canvas Wrap Print
"Oiran" 18x24" Canvas Wrap Print

 I'll Have a Pint 12x16 Canvas Wrap Print
"I'll Have a Pint" 12x16" Canvas Wrap Print

I didn't have much of a selection of acrylic paints, so I took what I had and simply mixed up a couple batches of the desired shades, hence the slight variations in color. Both turned out rather nicely, and would go great with a fair variety of interior decor styles. Also, notice that Seamus McChirpin is now available in wrapped canvas form as well. Hopefully this shall be a regular thing. I gladly welcome custom orders.