Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New T-Shirt Design

Not too long ago, my friend and client, Cortana, suggested that I illustrate a t-shirt design of an oiran (a high class Japanese courtesan from the Edo period), but with a skull for a face. I took her up on that offer, and after a few weeks of intensive planning, sketching, inking and digital editing, I was glad that I did! I really liked how this came out. I would like to make this into an oversized silkscreened print for the shirts, so I made a couple of mock-ups as shown below: But I was wondering, what if this design were requested onto a shirt with a low-cut neckline? Should I still print on the front and let the neckline cut into the design? The imagery does sound appealing, but I worry that too much of said design would be lost. Perhaps I should print on the back?



Tubby Tabby's SquawkBox said...

I would say that you should print it on the back on a v-neck shirt. Actually just offer it the three different ways. Nice design by the way! Love it!

MJR Designs said...

Thanks for your input! ^_^