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365 Challenge: Day 29

Vampire (Pencil, Charcoal, Prismacolor Markers).
Based off of an interesting dream I had. 

I was contracted by the firm I worked for to clear out an abandoned castle in Hungary of vampires with my group. Upon arrival, I ran into a friend of mine, a college instructor who was studying the exterior of the ruins. I was like, "Hey, Z! Wanna help us kill some vampires?" Still engrossed in his notes, he muttered, "yeah, just give me a sec...Aaaaand, dere we go."

Scene cuts forward to our group, plus Z creeping down one of the stairways that lead into the wine cellar, where three vampires were congregated. One in particular, depicted above, hissed out his orders like a mincing little fop...probably because he was so dessicated, the range of movement in his mouth was limited. His eyes were completely rotted from his sockets, replaced by two pinpoints of red light. He caught wind of our presence, but he and his cohorts were promptly cut to hamburger meat even before they managed to get up from the table which they were sitting. The rest of the dream basically consisted of moar badass undead was glorious.

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365 Challenge: Day 24

Nuveena, the Woman of the Future (Pencil).
You MSTies would get the reference. For those of you who don't, here's the video of the Design for Dreaming short that was part of episode 0524, 12 to the Moon:

The only redeemable thing about said short is that the chiffon ball gown that Nuveena wore is to die for.

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365 Challenge: Day 23

Human Mordecai (Pencil).
My absolute favorite character from the ever-wonderful Lackadaisy comic, lookin' like a Parrothead. If you're familiar with this particular character, you know fully well that over-sized Hawaiian shirts (or anything that remotely resembles casual wear) don't exactly sit well with him.

I'd like to imagine that after a long stint of abstaining from alcohol, he finally made an exception to indulge a bit and woke up wearing...well, what's pictured above.

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365 Challenge: Day 14

Human Mitzi (Pencil).
Some fan art I did from Lackadaisy, a fantastically well-done online comic that everyone should check out. The creator, Miss Tracy mentioned some time ago that Mitzi's design was partly inspired by Clara Bow and Nancy Carroll (see one of the examples here). 

I couldn't decide on a proper 1920s outfit I liked, so I based Mitzi's outfit off of a fabulous tan number that Christina Hendricks wore at the "Project Angel Food" event in Los Angeles. Soooo, let's just pretend she adores retro-style wiggle dresses (she can rock 'em anyway with her curves).

(Mitzi and Lackadaisy © Tracy J. Butler)

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365 Challenge: Day 9

"DC/Marvel"-Style Elsa (pencil, some Photoshop).
A bit of somethin' for you Frozen fans. I'm ashamed to admit that I've yet to see the movie...had too much work to do. But I did do my research and watched a few clips and have taken a liking to Elsa. So I drew her in a more superhero-esque version of her dress. I ran out of time so the pic is lacking of much detail. If I ever feel up to it, I might go back and do a second, better-planned version of this pic.

EDIT: I did finally drag my butt out to the movie theaters to watch Frozen and quite enjoyed it. Still annoyed by the fact that the theaters in my area don't typically open 'til 4pm.

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365 Challenge: Day 8

Ash Owl (Pencil, charcoal, Prismacolor marker and bit of Photoshop).
You're probably thinking, "Ash owl?? That's just a stumpy great grey owl!" Well, if you wish to see it that way, then by all means. This piece was based off of an idle thought I had on the wildlife in Morrowind and figured, "hey, it'd be neat if they had an indigenous species of owl that's resilient to the ashy climates." Then BAM - ash owl. It's essentially a miniaturized, rounder version of said great grey owl (roughly the size of an American football).

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oni Head Work-in-Progress Update

After not touching this drawing over the past few months, I've decided to pick it back up and resume work. I've added detail work primarily in the hair with pencil, though it's kinda hard to see the individual strands of hair from my cell phone's shoddy camera. Also added shading in the face and horns.

My original intention was for this oni head piece to be silkscreened onto clothing, but I'm concerned that the fine lines won't transfer during the exposure part, even with a higher mesh. I'll try to find a way around this issue, probably by thickening the line work a bit more. Even then, should this particular design actually does go to screen printing, it will probably only be offered in dark inks on lighter garments. For now, Oni-san will be released in giclee print and greeting card format.

365 Challenge: Day 7

"This. Is. Bullshit." (Pencil, ink, bit of Photoshop)
My OC, Bob Corgman shares my exact sentiments in regards to today's sub-zero temperatures. He would much rather be curled up in his wing chair next to the fireplace, in his study, sipping on a glass of 30 year-old scotch.

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365 Challenge: Day 6

"Nice hat, outlander" (Pencil, bit of Photoshop for cleanup and color overlay).
The idea of a Dunmer gondolier and a ronin meeting one another struck me earlier this evening, because, obviously know from the picture. For a relatively quick sketch, I'm quite satisfied with how this turned out.

Speaking of gondoliers, I recall a bit from an episode of the ninth season of the Drew Carey Show where bitter power player, Traylor laments over the breakup with her boyfriend/co-worker, Scott. Her solution to overcome her loss was to travel to Italy where she intends to partake in
"shopping...drink some wine...ride a gondolier." Kelly responds with, "Um, don't you mean gondola-" "I know what I've said!"

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365 Challenge: Day 5

Essence, from RatO (Pencil, Photoshop for the color overlay).

Ugh, my rendition of Essence looks like dog shit. Her expression implies that of someone who's just been asked out for coffee by their crush, and not of someone plotting more dastardly deeds. *Le sigh* Welp, trying to keep up my goal to post one new illustration per day, even if it is terrible (expect plenty more shoddy drawings throughout the year)...

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New Year, New Challenge

Happy New Year, y'all! Hope your holiday season went spectacularly. Mine was...interesting, and the same must be said of 2013. Here's hoping that 2014 brings greater opportunities for everybody!

This year, I've decided to take on the daunting 365-Day Illustration challenge I've been seeing all over the internet in attempts to re-ignite my passion to draw on a regular basis (and in turn, list new Fidget Art! goodness once more). Also, I definitely need to hone my skills *cough*. Not planning on sticking to any specific theme, just gonna draw whatever I feel like at the time. Expect many a Dunmer, especially my OC, Andril to be drawn.
Day 1: Budgies! (Pencil on 5.5x8" paper) Sorry, the lighter detail shading has been lost in the scanning.