Wednesday, January 29, 2014

365 Challenge: Day 29

Vampire (Pencil, Charcoal, Prismacolor Markers).
Based off of an interesting dream I had. 

I was contracted by the firm I worked for to clear out an abandoned castle in Hungary of vampires with my group. Upon arrival, I ran into a friend of mine, a college instructor who was studying the exterior of the ruins. I was like, "Hey, Z! Wanna help us kill some vampires?" Still engrossed in his notes, he muttered, "yeah, just give me a sec...Aaaaand, dere we go."

Scene cuts forward to our group, plus Z creeping down one of the stairways that lead into the wine cellar, where three vampires were congregated. One in particular, depicted above, hissed out his orders like a mincing little fop...probably because he was so dessicated, the range of movement in his mouth was limited. His eyes were completely rotted from his sockets, replaced by two pinpoints of red light. He caught wind of our presence, but he and his cohorts were promptly cut to hamburger meat even before they managed to get up from the table which they were sitting. The rest of the dream basically consisted of moar badass undead was glorious.