Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Flowers

 Bed of Roses - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph
"Bed of Roses" - 8x10" Fine Art Photograph by Jennifer Squires Productions

Just a thought...I've realized that over the years my main shop has been gradually taking a turn for the bridal route. More and more of my clients are brides-to-be, so I've been considering on offering some handmade/custom bouquets in my shop. Plus, I've noticed that more brides nowadays have been going faux with flowers as either a more economical alternative, or for practicality (i.e.: destination weddings). It also allows the new bride to avoid preservation costs because these flowers never wilt! :) I know for sure that I'll definitely be using fake flowers for my ceremony!

A friend of mine suggested that I should maybe start off with one or two pre-made bouquets, so I'll probably make something simplistic, like all white roses or plumeria. Said flowers would either be made of silk or a realistic-feel material (which may contain latex, as a note of caution for those allergic to such). No flowers will be derived from big-box chain stores - only ones of the highest quality! I've also been wanting to create a beachy-themed bouquet. Sooo, I might do that...What do you think?