Thursday, May 20, 2010


Since moving to PA over two years ago, I still can't help the fact that I miss SoCal just a little. When I recently made a trip to Lowes to check out their garden section, I found this:

Which is kinda funny because I used to HATE hibiscus plants. Back in SoCal, I'd see a bunch of people walking around with the tropical flower emblazoned all over their clothing (and I'm not talkin' about Hawaiian shirts either), bags, other accessories, tramp stamps and so forth. I've also seen many a hibiscus tree and bush growing in other people's backyards. So to sum up, I got sick and tired of seeing them. But now it's been a while since I've come across made me appreciate some of the beautiful things from my home state. Don't get me wrong, I still have a love-hate relationship with California for personal reasons, but it's still home to me. And now I have a little piece of SoCal sitting in the corner of my deck. Plus, Ant really loves hibiscus, which gave me another reason to buy the little tree.

And yes, I'm aware of some of the yellow spots on the leaves, I'm already taking care of the issue. =P