Friday, November 7, 2008

Etsy Site Review: Go Go Kioko!

Meaning "beautiful child" in Japanese, Kioko's handmade jewelry is perfect for the FRUiTS fashionista kid in all of us!

Much of her pieces are bright 'n' bold, such as one of her pendants shown on the left (a personal fave of mine!). What's fascinating is that she incorporates actual candies and sprinkles in her resin pieces, making them look delectabuhl and omnomnomnomable (a la Cute Overload). But seriously, don't eat 'em! n_n;

If you prefer a more subtle look, Kioko also offers more elegant, Ukiyo-e and other Japanese jewelry.

Kioko is part of the Eastern Washington street team. For the latest updates, check out her blog. You can also check out her DH's shop, 2039Rebellion for nifty manga prints and charms.