Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I just got 367 hits at my Yay for Fidget Art shop! I checked Google Analytics, and this is why:

"I'll Have a Pint" Greeting Card - Size A2 (also available in a set of four)

Also, I made three sales! All this certainly made my day! :)

EDIT: *headdesk* I overlooked the awesome St. Patrick's Day edition Storque article that featured the above card. Go check it out all of the uber-nifty items from the other great sellers! and a BIG thank you from the bottom o' me heart to those who showed love to my shop!

Btw, this felt corned beef and cabbage dinner set by Ivers is just too damn precious! I showed it to Ant and Tony and they totally agreed upon the adorableness. I just might have to buy it soon...