Friday, September 10, 2010

New Print!

Mad Professor 8x10 Illustration Print
"Mad Professor" 8x10" Illustration Print

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My friend, Lynn wanted me to draw him done up like a mad scientist/professor, and I felt that it would make a very fitting piece for YFFA!. I've spent the past couple of months kicking around the concept, wanting to incorporate a hint of steampunk and pulp comic art with my own style. Multiple versions were done of Lynn in mad scientist attire in various poses, none of them really turned out how I wanted. I did, however manage to work out one half-done version that I later scrapped. After that, I figured it was about time to take a short break from the concept.

About a couple weeks later, I decided to resume work on the Mad Professor piece. reviewing the number of sketches I've done. I guess taking a break did the trick, since I saw potential in one of said sketches and made some improvements, which set me back right on the creative track. After inking and some coloring with Prismacolor markers, the Mad Professor was finally scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop. More coloring was done (digitally, this time), which left me with the background. A lot of the colors I picked didn't compliment the subject well at was rather awkward, really. Had to tinker around with the picture a bit more until I found that desaturating the colors some on said subject really did the trick. Lynn was uber ecstatic about the final results, so I guess that makes me one satisfied Pokey Pie.