Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A bit of horror is always good for the soul.

And there couldn't be a better time than October to feature these great indie horror flicks. Even if you're not a believer of the paranormal, you can't deny that these videos are mildly entertaining, at the very least. :)

"Ten Steps" - A similar incident actually happened to a good friend of mine. Scroll down if interested, but it does contain stuff that will spoil the ending if you haven't seen this video yet.


Bloody Mary Part 1 of 2 - It's been up for a while, but it's still one of my faves (sorry, embedding's been disabled)

Bloody Mary Part 2 of 2 (sorry, embedding's been disabled for this as well)


In reference to the "Ten Steps" film posted above, a close friend of mine (I'll call him "C") had a rather interesting paranormal incident not too different from said film. He lives in an old apartment building in St. Louis, Missouri. This apartment building has quite a bit of history, but due to the way management runs things, it hasn't been updated in some it has "character."

Anyway, said building was prone to semi-frequent power outages, and one night when the power went out, C decided to step out for a bit until it came back on. To get down to ground level, he had to walk down a couple flights of stairs that consist of approximately twenty-five steps. Everything was pitch black, but he's lived at his apartment long enough to know his way around.

C heads down the stairs, and instead of expecting ground level after the twenty-fifth step, he found himself walking further down more steps. He was baffled and creeped out as all bejesus, yet felt compelled to continue onward. He claimed that he must have counted about 400 steps and felt like he was walking for ages before he reached an actual bottom. And at that very moment, the power came back on. He looked around to find that everything around him was back to normal, with the staircase at its normal twenty-five steps. He had no clue what just happened and cannot find any logical reasoning to it. He made it clear that he wasn't inebriated in any sort of way at the time. I knew well enough that he doesn't lie about things like this, but I'll just leave that to the reader's judgement. Still entertaining, at the very least. :P