Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kimono Photo Shoot!

Recently, I got my coveted shishi nagoya obi in the mail:

Awww yeeeah!

...and I took some time off to get dolled up in kimono and do a little photo shoot. I wore my red/cream yabane komon with my new obi, accessorized 'em with a navy/white han eri, pale green shibori obiage and dusty red/green obijime. I also wore my white zori with mustard yellow floral print hanao (thong straps of the zori sandals), but those aren't pictured due to the room wasn't big enough to get all of me in frame.

Also, I really need to buy more obi accessories and zori, because I'm severely lacking in those departments.

EDIT: It's been so long since I wore kimono that I forgot to keep the sleeve openings at the back, not leave them at the front. *headdesk* My bad. Will definitely keep that in mind next time.