Friday, September 28, 2012

Weight loss update

During my hiatus, I've been sticking to my diet and exercise regimen faithfully. Unfortunately, shortly after my last post prior to said hiatus, my weight plateaued. Over a month later, I gradually packed on an extra seven pounds. I didn't know what was causing the weight gain at the time, but no matter how much I exercised and how careful I was with my diet, the scale wouldn't budge in the right direction.

I almost resigned myself, believing that maybe my body was meant to stay in the mid-140s range. Then one day, while I was perusing My Fitness Pal's forums (lurking as usual), I stumbled upon a few threads with members complaining about weight plateaus. Turns out that before mine started, I wasn't netting enough calories - well below my BMR. The Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories you burn if you were to stay in bed all day. That number is the minimum amount of calories you must consume daily in order to survive, otherwise your body goes into "starvation mode" in order to preserve itself. That subsequently leads to the metabolism slowing, thus foiling one's attempt to lose weight.

Going back over a month's worth in entries, I realized that I've been netting less than 1,000 calories a day for, uh, quite a while actually. Oops.

After another month of packing on more calories and netting 1,500-1,800 calories per day (exercise included), I was delighted to see the numbers on my scale finally go down. Granted, the weight loss has been much slower this year compared to last (apparently it's supposed to be a bit more difficult to drop the pounds the thinner you get), but it's still pleasing to find my clothes fit looser these days. Not to mention that I've also been feeling stronger and more healthy. Huzzah!

Below are my measurements as well as my current weight:

Bust: 35" (lose 1")
Waist: 28" (lose 1.5")
Hips: 35.5" (reached goal)
Thigh: 20" (lose 1")
Arm Cir.: 11" (lose 1")

Bust: 35" (lose 1")
Waist: 27.75" (lose 1.25")
Hips: 35.5" (reached goal)
Thigh: 19.5" (lose .5")
Arm Cir.: 11" (lose 1")

9.23.12 (weight 131.8 lbs.)
Bust: 34.5" (lose .5")
Waist: 27" (lose 1")
Hips: 35.5" (reached goal)
Thigh: 19" (reached goal)
Arm Cir.: 10.5" (lose .5")