Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing catch-up

Okay, I can explain my unannounced absence from the blogging world over the past several months.


Sorta. I didn't exactly spend every moment parked in front of the XBox playing the incredibly addicting game, but what time that could have been spent blogging was wasted on killing dragons and raiding dungeons. I started playing said game after Christmas, but it was only very brief (my first character was some Breton mage chick) as I had to hunker down and work on my dreaded taxes. It took me until about a week before the tax deadline that I finished and submitted all of my paperwork, leaving me free to pick up Skyrim once more. This time, I started anew with a female Khajiit warrior-thief (currently level 60). Then Dawnguard came out, followed by Hearthfire. I powered through the former about a week after downloading it and haven't really delved into the latter due to an annoying glitch with the Falkreath house. Oh well. There's still Assassin's Creed III to look forward to.

Skyrim aside, I was invited by the lovely Holly Foy of the band Callanish to sell my Ireland photography prints at the St. Patrick's Day festival. Spent the week prior running on very little sleep while printing out my photos, mounting and packaging them. My partner unfortunately wound up with the flu so I had to work my booth solo. Luckily, I managed to do fine that day. I even got to chat with some of the other wonderful vendors and musicians during downtime.

There's not much else in regards to shop-related news. I mostly worked my screen printing press, producing a variety of t-shirts and very gradually sketching out concept art of Bob Corgman's family. Sorry I haven't been putting out many new designs this year, as I've recently acquired a part-time temp job with the local university as a graphic designer. So far, I'm loving my new job as it's actually more relaxing compared to running an entire business by yourself. Plus, I like my co-workers. :)

Work-stuff aside, I've also been painting my formal living room a nice, pale shade of grey, with the accent wall, interior of front door and built-in shelving in charcoal grey. Most of the effort was concentrated on said built-in shelving as they required a variety of uncomfortable maneuvering to get at the nooks and crannies. I still also have to Mod Podge some asanoha-print paper over the switch plate and outlet covers, and more importantly, furnish the damn room.

For one of the guest bedrooms, I've been planning and bugeting to replace the old carpeting with North American cherry hardwood flooring. Since out-of-town guest visits are few and far in-between, I'll probably turn that room into my office/sewing room since I'm wary of the reliability of my art studio heaters during the harshest period of winter. Not very interesting to mention, but it's part of why I was busy. Even less interesting were the occasional days I spent curled up under the blankets with my laptop playing various shows on Hulu because I didn't feel like doing jack.

That's basically it so far. More posts to come. :)