Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lace Overlay Dress - Completed

I’ve actually finished this dress a while ago, just now posting the results. I’ve also added elastic to the sleeve tops to keep everything in place and it’s working like a charm so far. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how everything turned out.

This dress is actually based off of the Presidential Personality dress from Modcloth. Unfortunately, while they had my size (the floral print version), I currently lack the $200 that it costs. The pattern I used to create this dress was Anne Kline (V1192) dress from Vogue
(scored from JoAnns at a deep discount during a sale). With the fabrics and invisible zipper that I had purchased separately, everything came to less than $30.00.
Most of the pattern modifications were in the bodice, and I had to lengthen the hemline several inches in order for it to hit below the knees. I’ve also had to taper said hemline to give it that pencil silhouette (tho I think it could do with a bit more tapering, IMO). 3/4 sleeve patterns also had to be drafted, which thankfully turned out well. Everything was tested successfully with a muslin mockup before I actually took the scissors to the good fabrics. While the pattern states that the dress can be fully lined, I’ve only lined the bodice since the stretch bengaline and lace were plenty thick enough as is.
I definitely intend on making another one of these dresses sometime in the near future should I ever stumble upon a couple yards of uniquely patterned stretch woven fabric.