Sunday, November 6, 2011

New and re-vamped goodness.

The holidays are coming up so I've been shifting into super sweat shop mode, illustrating and printing like a mad Pokey. I reeeeeaally hope I can get everything done before Thanksgiving.

Below are the new and re-done shtuff that are now available in my shops (click the images to head over to the listings):

Red Ginkgo Leaf Jersey Scarf

Ginkgo Leaf Organic Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Eco Black Momiji Hoodie

"Where She Walked"
This was a re-vamp of my popular panoramic print of the west Irish countryside. The older version seemed a bit too dreary so I added a few airbrushed layers and tweaked the channels and layer masks. To top it off, I added a very soft vignette to help accentuate the palette of pastel colors and help draw in the viewer.

"Ocean Song"
My second re-vamp, which mostly involved removing a bunch of unnecessary layers and tweaking/experimenting with existing ones. I've always felt the original was a bit too dark and heavy, and this revised version really brings out the colors in a tastefully "grungy" appearance.

"The First Butterfly of Spring"
My third revamp, which also involved removing several layers, including the vignette along the border that was too distracting. Now it looks more light and airy.