Thursday, May 21, 2009

Product Review: FitFlops

Today, I caved in and bought myself a pair of FitFlops at Macy's (in brown). I've been wanting to try these out since their original debut, but was disappointed to find that they sold out shortly thereafter. Fast forward to today and I have them sitting next to my bed. These clunky, yet sporty-looking sandals certainly have a unique look to them compared to other thong sandals I've seen, so I'm somewhat iffy on wearing them out in public. Then again, one really shouldn't give a crap what other people think of them.

The Test Run

Typically, I wear a size 8.5, but the FitFlops were only available in whole sizes at the store, so I got an 8. Fits like a glove. I have wide feet, so the sandal's width is not a problem for me. After walking around the apartment for about ten minutes, I've noticed that my posture improved somewhat. I felt a bit of a "rocking sensation" from what other reviewers have mentioned, but it wasn't enough to throw me off. Plus, said FitFlops seem to support my low arches exceptionally well.

The Verdict So Far

After the test run, I've found the FitFlops to be surprisingly comfy to wear and they do help with posture. As with the "gym built in" spiel, as the official site says, I wish I could believe that were true. Everyone dreams of having nice legs and a tight arse from doing something as little as walking. So far I've only heard mixed reviews. I still firmly believe that the best way to lose weight is good ol' exercise and eating right. Plus, at the price of $50, I'm sitting on the fence on whether I should return my pair or not. Perhaps I'll give these a week before I finalize my decision.