Saturday, February 6, 2010

Identity Re-branding

After nearly two years, my illustration and clothing line, Yay For Fidget Art! finally gets its official logo!

Off and on since opening day, I've been kicking around various designs to suit the quirky nature of my shop items. Something playful, but not too cartoony or childish. Plus, I needed the logo to fit in a square-ish type area for versatility's sake. If you have a fairly long brand name, it can be a pain in the arse to accommodate various print and web layouts in a tasteful manner. Anywho, my friend/henchman, Myriam enthusiastically suggested a dark apple green and a faded apple green as the official colors (because hey, we both lurve green).

The YFFA! Swatch Palette

Font choice, however, was rather tricky. At the time, I didn't have all of my font collections transferred to my then-new Macbook Pro, so I was stuck with a limited selection. I figured, "Whip up something for now to make the shop look more legit, then edit later!" So I came up with this:

The design finally struck me almost two years later, while I was watching movies in bed with Tony. I immediately snatched up my sketchbook and scribbled it out on paper right before launching Illustrator. A couple of hours of adjusting typefaces resulted in this:

It's abbreviated to suit space issues, but includes the full title name inside the exclamation mark. The full title can be situated just outside the logo, should said logo need to be shrunk down to a small size. While just the apple green is pictured here, it can also incorporate the other two colors if desired, or even be converted to black and white without visibility problems. The typeface itself gives meets the playful vibe of the shop without being over-the-top. Plus, the 8-bit look gives it an old-school feel, which is great considering that Myriam and I are children of the 80s. :)