Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Kanzashi

Erf, sorry about taking so long to list a new batch of tsunami kanzashi! For a while, I've been in a creative rut with creating these unique fabric flowers. Two are for formal occasions and the other two are for more casual affairs. Click on the images to head over to the listings. And of course, more shall be listed hopefully soon for the spring season, so please check back!

Ivory Garden Fabric Flower Kanzashi OOAK
"The Ivory Garden Kanzashi" OOAK

Retro Love Fabric Flower Kanzashi Hair Accessory OOAK
"Retro Love" Kanzashi OOAK

Orange Creamsicle Fabric Flower Kanzashi
Orange Creamsicle Kanzashi

Cherry Cheesecake Fabric Flower Kanzashi
Cherry Cheesecake Kanzashi