Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Print!

"Truffle Bats" 8x10" Illustration Print (click image to head over to the listing!)

Tired of the same old box of chocolates? Well, how 'bout a box of CHOCOLATE BATS??? They're super cute and oh-so scrumpdiddlyumptious! Just be careful when you open the box...otherwise you'll spend the next few weeks chasing them around you home with a net. :P

8x10" print of my original ink illustration, which has been digitally colored.

Printed on MOAB Legion velvet finish paper, using archival-quality inks. Each print is signed, titled and numbered, and will be shipped in moisture-resistant packaging. Watermark will NOT be on the actual print

Artwork © Marissa Rojas. Purchase of prints do not transfer rights to buyer.


I came up with this idea one day while I was browsing Cute Overload, and found this uber-adorable entry on Honduran white bats. Made me want to mess with an uptight friend of mine (I'll call him "M") by giving him a box of bats. He'd be like, "GAH!" and toss the box away, causing said bats to fly out. Then I thought, "What if the bats were made of chocolate, instead?"

...I think up inane things sometimes.