Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Etsy Site Review: Paws for Peace

There are times when our furry friends are in need, which brings up, organizations, such as Paws for Peace: a "holistic health charity for animal shelters." This shop features items such as dog spray, personalized mugs, coasters and more.

Paws for Peace's dog sprays are body mists made with a homemade "Sniff-Therapy(tm)" blend of essential oils that provide a safe, therapeutic effect on man's best friend, as well as you. They serve a variety of purposes such as keeping pesky critters at bay, fixing that annoying itch, bed odor neutralizer and simply making your pet smell dandy...even giving them a natural high!

The Rainbow Bridge Line is a limited edition collection of personalized items based on a beautiful poem about that special place our dear pets cross over to when they pass away. The lovely design on said products that accompanies the poem was created by artist Meredith Locklear (author unknown). All proceeds will go to PawsforPeace.com.