Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"China Slated to Ban Cat and Dog Meat"

By: Sharon Seltzer

"The Chinese parliament will soon have the opportunity to outlaw the sale of cats and dogs for human consumption. Pressure to end the ancient practice is coming from a surprising source – a newly emerging, pet loving middle class.

The idea that eating dog and cat meat is repugnant to the western world is a concept that hasn’t taken hold in China until recently. The custom is centuries-old and restaurants abound throughout the country. Dog in particular, is considered to be a delicacy that is believed to have “warming properties.” It is popular in the northeastern part of China where winter months are frigid. Cat meat is more popular in southern China.

The proposed legislation, which will be reviewed by the National People’s Congress in April, is part of a larger bill to stop animal abuse in the country. If the law is passed, people who are caught eating either domestic animal will be fined as much as $730 and spend up to 15 days in jail. Restaurants and retailers involved in the practice will face fines from $1,500 to $70,000."

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