Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Print!

1950s Welsh Corgi Smoking Pipe"Bob Corgman Knows Best" 8x10 Illustration Print

Bob Corgman DOES know best, just like any other stereotypical 50s sitcom father.

8x10" print of my original ink illustration, which has been digitally colored.

Printed on MOAB Legion velvet finish paper, using archival-quality inks. Each print is signed, titled and numbered, and will be shipped in moisture-resistant packaging. Watermark will NOT be on the actual print

Artwork © Marissa Rojas. Purchase of prints do not transfer rights to buyer.

Holy shnikeys, Batman! It's a dog wearing a smoking jacket and glasses and smoking a pipe! Why? Who cares, it's friggin' awesome! :P

You could almost hear him say, "Son, I am disappoint."