Monday, January 4, 2010

First Post in 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - After spending three months in escrow, we've finally moved into my new house, and still have tons to unpack. We're also kinda lacking in furniture, seeing as that we've upgraded to much, much more space. Tony and I don't even have any bedroom furniture at the moment - we've been sleeping on our memory foam mattress on the floor. So it'll be a while before we get the place fully furnished. *le sigh*

Upon closing day, we got up before the crack of dawn, crammed all of our belongings into my car and made the 2.5 hour trip from Grove City to State College (we were staying with some of Tony's relatives at the time). We met up at the property with our realtor, Maria, where we did a final walk-through before heading over to the attorney's office. The paperwork didn't take long, and before I knew it, the guys and I were unlocking the door to our very own house.

We didn't even have to worry about cleaning up the place because the previous owner was very tidy. The movers came later that afternoon, unloaded our stuff and left within a couple of hours. The guys and I then set on unpacking the necessities first - toiletries, kitchen stuff, etc. While they were busy, I had to run out to the local grocery stores to get more necessities (read: toilet paper). By Christmas, we were pretty much settled in.

Oh yeah, and we got a doggie. He shall be discussed in the next post.

Christmas and New Years have been relatively quiet. Had some lovely, home made Ethiopian cuisine along with the obligatory booze and Christmas-themed movies.

I'm gradually migrating all of my art supplies into the art studio, which is massive (in my standards, at least). It's big enough to accommodate a sewing station, an illustration corner, a screen printing area, an office and a photography area. However, there is a large, old coal bin left behind that's taking up a chunk of the place, so that will need to be removed. Plus, we have to install a drop-ceiling and a paint the walls/floor to make the place look more inviting.

So every now and then, you'll be seeing some of my (frustrating) adventures in redecorating and rennovating (accompanied by pictures, of course). Stay tuned!