Monday, January 4, 2010


Meet the new addition of the family! :D

Formerly "Maverick", Marduk is an 8 month-old lab/blue tick coonhound mix. We got him from the Altoona Humane Society around 12.21. This (mostly) sweet lil' man enjoys walks, belly rubs, baths, sticks 'n' leaves and is great with everyone (including other pets). He even treed his first critter! The downside is that he suffers from separation anxiety, which we are currently working on. For more information on the condition, you can read about it in this article:

We also have a friend who's been a huge help in training Marduk. The dog already knew the "sit" command, but he still needs to master it. On top of which, we've been teaching him not to jump on people, as well as the "stay" command. So far, he's beginning to pick up both, which is rather quick for a dog his age. Soon, we're going to work on teaching him to not pull on the leash - for a medium-sized dog, he's a surprisingly strong puller!

Speaking of size, we're not entirely sure if he's going to grow anymore since his paws are proportional to his body, but who knows. Currently he's about 50-55lbs. We're guessing he must be the runt of the litter. But that's okay, we still love him!

Also, his birthday is 4/20, which makes him even more awesome. ;)